Puffy Nipple Surgery in India – The Best Remedy for Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia is one condition which mars the confidence and self-esteem of a person who is suffering from it. Development of male breasts which resembles much like their counterparts can be embarrassing a condition for men across all walks of life. However, this condition can now be treated with male breast reduction surgery. All you have to do is look for the best gynecomastia clinic in Delhi being driven by an experienced and skilled surgeon. The cosmetic surgeon that you have chosen plays an extremely crucial role in determining the success of the surgical procedure.

Puffy nipple surgery in India can be performed through either liposuction or a slightly more invasive a procedure. In case of a liposuction, the surgeon makes small incisions and places a vacuum tube for sucking out unwanted fatty tissues from the area. This particular procedure requires less healing time and is more cost-effective in comparison to other available treatment options. However, it is the right option only for those who have a small amount of the tissue deposits.

The excision form of the gynecomastia surgery is just the apt solution for men who have deposits of fat beneath the area around the nipple. In such cases, the cosmetic surgeon makes the incision particularly avoiding the sensitive nipple tissue so that there is neither permanent scarring nor nerve damage. It is more of a manual form and is usually preferred by men who have large deposits of excess fat tissues.  This entire procedure will last for nearly two hours and results are permanent.

The Ideal candidates for best gynecomastia Delhi are men who have ideal weight and think that they cannot live any longer with unwanted deposits of fat tissues around their breast area. If you are considering weight loss the surgeon would recommend to first, reduce weight and opt for the surgery once you have achieved ideal body weight.  As far as gynecomastia surgery cost India is considered, you can find out only after consulting the surgeon.

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Author: bestgynecomastiaindia

He is regarded as the best gynecomastia surgeon India due to his 26 years of surgical experience and being a Double American Board certified Plastic Surgeon. The search to get the best gynecomastia surgery leads you to have your male breast reduction Delhi. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, your specialist gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, may perform the procedure with liposuction and gland excision, or just liposuction alone.

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