The Various Causes That Triggers The Gynecomastia!

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There are an en number of problems that humans are prone to. There is no understatement in the fact that some of them are really weird and absolutely uncalled for. One of these diseases most probably is that of the gynecomastia or the male breasts.

This is not actually a diseases but more of a condition nevertheless. And this is also one of the most embarrassing and to be avoided condition. There are various signs and symptoms that may lead to the identification of the same.

Also the gynecomastia treatment comes in the form of an easy and uncomplicated surgery. But then again, one must realize that there are various causes that may lead to the same in the first place.

The various causes that triggers it:

Following are the various causes that people must be quite proficient about:

  • Reaction to medication: There are various medical conditions that may require long medication. And this is one thing that can trigger this condition as well. Especially, the medications often used to treat allergies are responsible for the same.
  • Hormonal problems: At times, the men may suffer from a hormonal disbalance in their body! This is one of the most probable reasons that may give rise to this problem nevertheless. Of course one must realize that this is one condition that must be completely treated as early as possible. There are many specialists who help in the same.
  • Old age: This is another condition that can trigger the same. Of course the best available plastic surgeons can help people get rid of the same problem with the best treatment nevertheless.
  • Genetic: Many people has this problem in their genes unfortunately for them. And this is completely one of the worst problems that they may have to deal with.

The enlargement male breast reduction surgery is one of the best solutions that people can absolutely opt for no matter what!

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Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi – What to Expect from the Surgery?

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You might have come across men who have overly large sized breasts. Often they become laughing stalk, but not many know that they are suffering from a condition medically known as Gynecomastia. This condition is characterized by enlarged breasts in men. As observed in most cases, it occurs because of the presence of high levels of female hormones called estrogen and because of hormonal imbalance. Also, it can occur because of side-effects of some medications such as calcium channel blocker, ACE inhibitor drugs, diuretic drugs, some antibiotics and anti-ulcer medicines among several others. It can also be caused because of malnutrition or dysfunction of the testes which affect hormonal levels. No matter what the cause is, if you are living with this condition then gynecomastia surgery in Delhi can help you in the best possible way.

Although there are several treatment options available but the most effective and result driven is male breast surgery. It is a simple procedure which is meant for men who wish to decrease the size of their breasts. Even though it is the most commonly performed treatments for correcting enlarge breast size among men, it is often not recommended for all patients. Those who are considering this should stick to healthy diet and regular exercise regime before opting for the surgery to get effective results.

Men who want to enjoy the benefits of gynecomastia treatment in India should consult their family doctor followed by the advice of an experienced, skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeon who is trained to perform male breast surgery. The cosmetic surgeon would recommend series of tests that might include blood sampling, evaluation of patient’s medical history and physical assessment. A thorough medical check-up is performed before the surgery. These tests and evaluation are an important part of surgery because they help in identifying if any side effects or medications related to the surgery can trigger any kind of complications.

If you are soon to go through male breast reduction surgery, it is strongly recommended that you avoid intake of vitamin E, aspirin and ibuprofen. In addition, your cosmetic surgeon would ask you to quit smoking weeks before the surgery. All this is done in order to make sure that surgery is performed safely without ant kind of complications. It is obvious for most patients to be worried about the costs associated with the surgical procedure. Once all tests are performed and type of surgery decided, the cosmetic surgeon would share with you the best gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi.

For removing excessive deposits of breast tissues, the surgeon performs liposuction. Also, surgeon can perform a procedure which is similar to mastectomy before performing liposuction. The entire duration of gynecomastia surgery in Delhi might last for two to three hours. Most patients can go home within the same day of the surgery. It is only in some cases that a patient has to stay at the hospital. Make sure that you adhere to the advice of the surgeon after surgery for quick and proper recovery. Avoid strenuous activities for at least three to four weeks. Most men feel pain after surgery for which pain relief medications are prescribed by the surgeon.

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